Security or Usability?

Data security balance scale

Data security should not be a trade-off with usability. Any security policy or solution that requires compromise, complexity, training, and vigilance is inefficient and still vulnerable.

With Inherent and Invisible data security, SecureAge elegantly overcomes security challenges unaddressed by other approaches.


Any Barrier Can Be Breached.
Besides, the Greatest Threat Is Already Inside.

The classic approach to data security has been to firewall data behind Barriers in an attempt to keep the bad guys out and the data safe and secure within. IT security specialists are forced to play a never-ending game of patching holes against highly motivated thieves all while controlling users on the inside.

We can’t overpower all of the thieves all of the time and we can’t make users do exactly what we want.

Real data security works despite the human element.

Data security breaches

“Employee Error” is often cited as the number one cause of data breaches.

Merely trying to accomplish their work, many employees inadvertently sidestep the data security solutions and systems in place.

Employee Error
Inside Job
Access Through 3rd Party
Lost Device
Application Vulnerability

To Have Real Value, Data Must Be in Motion or at Least Accessible.

Data security in motion

Data is the life blood of thriving organizations and the main conduit for communication and innovation. The faulty Barrier approach has given rise to Limitations like Full Disk Encryption and Access Controls in an attempt to at least slow leaks.

In addition to not improving the data security environment, Limitations such as these only add complexity and diminish the inherent value of data.

It is Impossible to Predict Everything.

After Barriers and Limitations, the only thing left to try is AI with predictive methods like Content Filtering and Live Monitoring.

Data security attacks are effective precisely because they keep breaking new ground and surprising the best minds and systems in the world; attempting to predict the future only invites new problems.

Data security predictions impossible

SecureAge Data Security:

Every File, Every Place, Every Time

Yes, it really is that simple. Barriers, Limitations, and AI are missing the basic truth that the most effective data security solutions are inherent, invisible, and everywhere for everyone all the time.

Explore our Products & Services to learn how Data Security should have always been. The simplicity is liberating.

Data security with SecureAPlus localization

SecureAge Technology Exhibiting at the Singapore Interpol WORLD 2017s

SecureAge Technology will be showcasing its automatic file and folder encryption, closed network security and endpoint enterprise security solutions at the Interpol World 2017 in Singapore.

Data security at RSA conference

SecureAge Exhibiting at the 2017 San Francisco RSA Conference

SecureAPlus relaunches new user interface to improve its security value proposition with an extended free license for new users during its launch month.

Data security at Govware 2016

SecureAge Technology Showcasing the Latest Enterprise Security Solutions on GovWare 2016

SecureAge Technology will be showcasing its closed network solutions alongside its file & folder encryption and anti-malware software at GovWare’s 25th anniversary.

Data security at Gamestart 2016

Blending Security & Fun at the Upcoming GameStart 2016

SecureAge Technology promotes PC security to casual and hardcore Singapore gamers as an official exhibitor at Gamestart 2016.