What is GDPR?

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in 2018 and served to update and standardise Data protection legislation for all types of organisations across the European Union (EU). It replaces the 1995 privacy laws which were built for a pre-Facebook and Google era.

What companies need to know

about GDPR compliant software

GDPR applies to the European Economic Area

This includes Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. It impacts every entity that holds or uses European personal Data both inside and outside of Europe.

GDPR is based on the principle of good Data governance

To achieve Data privacy, organisations require ‘privacy by design’, ‘privacy by default’, and ‘accountability.’ Without undue delay and, where feasible, this needs to be shown no later than 72 hours after having become aware of a Data breach.

GDPR will result in stricter fines on companies

mismanaging personal Data

Any person who has suffered damage as a result of an infringement (material or immaterial) will have the right to receive compensation from the controller or processor for the damage suffered.

GDPR mandates that organisations reassess

their Data processing controls

The mandate includes large enterprises, small & medium business (SMBs), and even sole proprietors. All organisations are required to implement a plan to be compliant.

How does our software ensure

GDPR compliance?

Data protection by design and default
Data protection is ensured by securely encrypting all Data whether it is in-use, in-transit or in-storage, and without disrupting traditional user or application processes. Our solutions enable businesses to build new, and retro-fit strong Data security across all systems whether they are current or legacy.

PKI-based encryption which operates at the file-level
The SecureAge Security Suite is designed to protect enterprise Data through asymmetric encryption - it is a failsafe PKI-based technology that protects 100% of your Data, 100% of the time, and doesn’t require any additional infrastructure.

Application control and binding with a block-first approach
SecureAPlus uses an AI-powered engine and a block-first, zero-trust approach to detect and block unauthorised access to personal Data. It fills the gaps left by other solutions which can lead to Data breaches that need to be reported to regulators.
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Our software ensures GDPR compliance

Are your existing Data privacy solutions GDPR compliant, secure, and user friendly?

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