Neglecting malware protection - the shared cybersecurity issue amongst schools and non-profits

14 Oct, 2022 5 min read
SecureAge Technology
SecureAge Technology
Schools and non-profits share the same problem when it comes to cybersecurity budgeting: limited resources force a choice between staff with the right expertise and effective tools that work for the organisation.

We understand, but leaving cybersecurity low in the priority list is making educational institutes and non-profits easy targets for cybercriminals:
  • A Check Point report finds the education and research sector receives twice as many cyberattacks than other industries, with the number of attacks increasing by 114% since July 2020.
  • Over 50% of non-profit organisations have reported experiencing a cyberattack.

Why educational and non-profit institutes should be concerned?

The threat of cyberattacks, specifically malware, goes beyond mere inconvenience. On 1 September 2022, Texas hospital Oakbend Medical Centre spent over two weeks recovering their communication systems after a ransomware attack crippled their digital services. Attackers claimed to have stolen over 1 million records of patient and employee data.

Later in May, a ransomware attack on Lincoln College blocked internal staff from accessing institutional data and facilitating enrolment for the academic year. The financial burden from the attack forced the 157-year-old liberal arts school to close its doors by the end of the following spring semester.

Maximising limited resources with intuitive malware protection program

Many schools and non-profits still operate with devices and software that run on legacy systems with limited antiviral protection that does not protect from the unknown. The above examples paint a stark picture of how the existing software solutions do little to slow down cyberattacks. That said, with the limitations on resources, it's not feasible to expect schools and non-profits to overhaul equipment and software.

70% of non-profits do not assess cybersecurity risks. 80% of them don’t even have a cybersecurity policy in place.

This is a disaster waiting to happen. Not investing in effective malware protection is the least financially prudent option as it places institutes at risk. With so much at stake, selecting malware protection software that can detect unknown threats becomes much more crucial. However, we also know that to protect these vital industries, educational and non-profit organisations must be able to access affordable solutions that are intuitive for non-technical experts to use.

Did you know it costs educational institutions $1.5 million to retrieve ransomed data?

An all-in-one malware protection software to keep operations running

Protecting entire institutional databases can prove to be a real challenge when viruses can infiltrate your systems from an increasing number of access points or devices. Schools and non-profits are especially vulnerable as they have thousands of students and aid recipients accessing services through various online portals and devices. All it takes is for an unsuspecting individual to click on a malicious link for a virus to enter a system and wreak havoc.

But K-12 schools, tertiary institutions, and NGOs don’t have to constantly look over their backs for cyber threats when effective malware protection software exists. CatchPulse malware protection allows institutional managers to run operations smoothly by making it harder for cybercriminals to inject viruses into internal systems with their allow-listing. The software is specifically designed to be compatible with existing software to complement the defences that schools and non-profits already have in place. This means that organisations can receive a much-needed defence boost without bringing their shields down during the transition period.

“Keeping my organisation secure is important since a few of our computers are a little older than they should be. With this protection, the school’s data and crucial information can be kept secure on a daily basis. I hope we can continue working with SecureAge for several years.”
Eden Lucas Fereira, Colegio Delta Nobre
At SecureAge, we understand how tight the financial restrictions faced by schools and non-profits can be from close interactions with our clients, some of which fully relies on donations to keep the lights on. Those with more budgets might not have the knowledge or expertise to advise them on what cybersecurity solution to choose. And it can be overwhelming for some.

That’s why we aim to protect everyone starting from the students. Students will have free protection on their personal devices by registering for CatchPulse with their student email addresses. Trusted by schools around the globe, CatchPulse’s “block-first” approach to malware and offline antivirus scanning helps keep threats away from unsuspecting students no matter how they may be disguised.

“Having a quality anti-virus and malware package that works in conjunction with our firewall helps keep our users and their data safe. The (allow list) and blocking feature does a great job of allowing our users to download programs as needed and block ones that may pose a threat.”
John Pursglove, Senior IT Analyst of Pennsauken Board of Education
User since 2019

Cybersecurity maintenance and deployment made easy with CatchPulse Pro

Educational and non-profit organisations are also entitled to a 75% discount on CatchPulse Pro when they register for SecureAge’s Malware Protection Program through a validated email domain. With an intuitive cybersecurity management dashboard, in-house staff will be able to evaluate the cyber health of their systems at a glance from a single interface.

“As an IT consultant, I've seen the damage ransomware can do. When using CatchPulse, I don't fear them. It's something that brings peace to my mind so I can freely focus on expanding the business's needs with serenity.”
Jerome Melis, CTO, Institut Pasteur Du Laos, user since 2018.
CatchPulse Pro’s allow-list management system allows in-house staff to grant permissions to trusted devices and websites while keeping risky ones outside of their institutional bubble, ensuring that students and aid recipients get full access to digital services without affecting their learning and user experience.

“CatchPulse’s cybersecurity system has great allow list features that can be easily installed with existing antivirus software on most devices”
Tukera Turitoa, System Manager of Cook Islands Education Institution
Four Year User

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