CatchPulse Pro

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CatchPulse Pro
$ 3.00
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Billed as $36.00 /year
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AI-Powered Application Control
Cloud Anti-Virus
Offline AI Anti-Malware
Vulnerability Assessment
Security management via Portal
Security policy
Shared accounts
Advanced allowlist management
Digital asset management
Security event management
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$ 2.25
Billed as $27.00 /yearly
CatchPulse Pro
$ 2.83
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Billed as $34.00 /year
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Students, schools and nonprofits can get special concessions to CatchPulse.

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CatchPulse Pro
Application Control
Automatic Mode
Interactive Mode
Lockdown Mode
Trust All Mode
Observation Mode
Do Not Disturb
Silence Lockdown Notifications
Trust Based on Digital Signature
Trust if Trusted by OS
Trust if Name in Trusted Certificate List
Trust if Name & Thumbprint in Trusted Certificate List
Advanced Application Control
Import/Export Allow List & Settings
Compact Allow List
Edit Restricted Applications
Edit Trusted Certificates
Edit Script Rules
Fileless Attack Protection
Edit Command Line Rules
Edit Command Line Allow List
Real-Time Scanning
Full System Scan
Routine Full System Scan
Manual Full System Scan
Enable/Disable Automatic Upload of File Sample
On-Demand Scan
App Control Scan
Vulnerability Scan & Assessment
AI-Powered Engine
Sensitivity Settings
Cloud-Powered Malware Scans
Enable/Disable Cloud Powered Scans
Enable/Disable Automatic Uploads of Unknown Sample
Enable/Disable Cloud Engines
Disable Auto-Upload of Unknown File Sample
Automatic AI Model Updates
External Storage Device Control
USB-based Storage Media
SD-based Storage Media
Device-Level User Management
Edit Trusted Users
Edit Trusted Groups
Password Protected Settings
Remote Management (Portal & SMS)
Multi-Device Management
Security Dashboard
Device Management
Device Infection Status
Email Alerts
Create & Assign Security Policy
Shared Accounts
Allow List Management
Global Allow List
Endpoint Allow List Approval Req
Untrusted File Management
Digital Asset Management
Vulnerability Assessment
Software Inventory
Security Management Server

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