Data diode

Protection for both secured
and unsecured networks

Air-gapped security networks have become popular among organisations that require a strict separation between their secured and unsecured networks - who doesn’t? To safely move Data between open and closed networks, we developed a turnkey Data Diode solution that greatly reduces the number of systems needed to operate multiple air gap networks.


The SecureAge Data Diode advantage

File Transfer System (FTS)
File security is done via a single sign on, or a dedicated authentication. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a file upload console for the source PC, or a downloadable URL for the receiving PC.
Information Broker (IB)
For larger deployments, interactions and troubleshooting across multiple closed networks the IB allows dedicated applications like ERP and HR software to communicate with closed networks.
Anti-viral Scanning
Use AI and multiple anti-viral engines to scan all files that are sent to your closed network environments for the highest level of protection.

Benefits of our Data Diode System

Dual Diode transmit
Enables high availability. Includes Single Sign-On Authentication and Microsoft Active Directory (AD)
Data retransmission
Improves the reliability of file transfers and provides actionable reports
End-to-end encryption
Protects files at-rest, in-transit and in-use for entities of any size
Supports DOD 3-Pass/7-Pass & Peter Gutmann algorithms
Content disarm & reconstruction
Removal of harmful elements of infected files while retaining usability
Log management
File transfer logs can be accessed for further investigation

A complete turnkey solution


The File-Transfer System, Information Broker, and Universal AV form a complete security ecosystem optimised for Data-Diode hardware.

Software only

The File Transfer System, Information Broker, and Universal AV environment can easily work on any Diode-Proxy configuration.
wave wave wave wave wave

Securely bridge your networks

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