SecureAge Brings AI-Powered APEX Engine to SecureAPlus for Android

SecureAge’s APEX AI to be Integrated within SecureAPlus Antivirus to Supplement Existing Features for Better Mobile Protection

SecureAge Technology, a data security and encryption solution provider for enterprise businesses and end users, took to INTERPOL World 2019 in Singapore to announce that the company is integrating its AI-powered APEX anti-malware scanning engine into its SecureAPlus antivirus solution for Android.

APEX for Android was designed to bring all of the deep learning capabilities of the SecureAge’s anti-malware engine (currently in beta) to mobile in a lighter, but equally powerful form, allowing users to scan apps and files on-the-go anytime. APEX also uses internet connectivity to help further train it against the latest threats to the Android OS.  

“Bringing our APEX AI engine to SecureAPlus for Android will provide users with a new layer of protection through machine learning for threat detection on their mobile devices,” said Dr. Teow-Hin Ngair, founder & CEO, SecureAge. “APEX’s ability to perform beyond traditional scanners to identify zero-day and mutated malware types with ease, will give Android users a new edge when it comes to malware deterrence moving forward.”

In addition to the latest integration of APEX, alongside its cloud-based Universal AV scanning capabilities, SecureAPlus for Android gives additional levels of privacy through its App Locker feature, which pre-emptively blocks access to selected applications in the event of theft or unauthorized use of a mobile device in an unlocked state. The solution has also language localized for use in French, German, Italian, Russian and Portuguese.

 “While APEX is still technically in its beta testing stages, we’re excited to hear user feedback that’ll help us improve the engine’s deep learning capabilities and detection rates through additional testing over time,” added Dr. Ngair.

SecureAPlus has been engineered to protect data from digital threats, such as ransomware or viruses using APEX, alongside other SecureAPlus features, such as Application Control, Application Whitelisting, multiple cloud antivirus, fileless attack protection and more for full endpoint protection.

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About SecureAge Technology:

Placing real security and usability on equal footing, SecureAge Technology is a data security company headquartered in Singapore and historically known for protecting government and enterprise data from the most advanced and persistent cyber threats. The user-centric and simple solutions arising from the SecureAge philosophy offer clarity and calm within the most complex security environments. SecureAge’s patented technologies provide total data protection, leveraging advanced encryption techniques designed to provide the world's highest level of data security for everyone.