SecureAge Technology Showcases Multi-Layered Cybersecurity Solutions at Govware 2019

SecureAge Technology is exhibiting at the 28th edition of Govware during the Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) at the Suntec Convention Centre.

As the region’s most established cybersecurity event and now on its 4th edition, the SICW theme in 2019 is “Partnerships for Trust and Confidence.”

With the theme in mind, SecureAge Technology's showcase this year markedly different as it is showcasing its critical solutions alongside global industry partners to paint a much more complete picture of its multi-layered approach to cybersecurity.

As Singapore’s efforts to democratize cybersecurity through its campaigns that encourage locals and businesses to be safe online is increasing, SecureAge Technology has partnered with key cybersecurity industry players Reaqta and Insider Security. The three companies aim to seamlessly combine their unique software to provide businesses an Asset-information Based Cyber Defense (ABCD) solution. SecureAge Technology’s SecureAPlus will be an integral part of ABCD’s multi-layered security approach.

Besides its inclusion on ABCD, SecureAge Technology’s SecureAPlus is also coming off the heels of its recent relaunch, making it Singapore’s first and very own antivirus. With the inclusion of the SecureAge APEX, SecureAPlus is also Southeast Asia’s only AI-powered antivirus scanner.

Besides the SecureAPlus endpoint security solution, SecureAge Technology is also showcasing automatic file & folder encryption solution, SecureData. In a world where data is under constant threat, SecureAge Technology is revolutionizing data protection by making encryption truly simple and straightforward to use for its end-users while also being incredibly powerful against data theft or breaches.

Attendees of the event can expect on-hand demos of multi-layered cybersecurity solutions in the form of SecureAPlus and SecureData with a chance to earn and take home security-themed prizes through on-site games.

SecureAge Technology can be found at Govware Booth M21 from October 1 to 3 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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About SecureAge Technology

Placing real security and usability on equal footing, SecureAge Technology is a data security company headquartered in Singapore and historically known for protecting government and enterprise data from the most advanced and persistent cyber threats. The user-centric and simple solutions arising from the SecureAge philosophy offer clarity and calm within the most complex security environments. SecureAge’s patented technologies provide total data protection, leveraging advanced encryption techniques designed to provide the world's highest level of data security for everyone.

About Reaqta

Reaqta addresses the issue of Endpoint Security in a novel way by looking at devices as entities with dynamic and evolving behaviors. This approach, combined with the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, guarantees unmatched visibility and powerful threat hunting and tracking capabilities for organizations of all sizes.

About Be Safe Online Handbook

Be Safe Online is an online handbook created by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore containing 13 integrated cybersecurity measures to help companies enhance cyber defense capabilities and digital risk management to better protect against the increasing frequency of cyber-attacks.

About Insider Security

Insider Security is a Singapore cybersecurity deep tech company that builds cutting-edge solutions to protect businesses by specializing in early automated cyber breach detection to minimize or prevent data loss.