Singapore-based Enterprise Data and Encryption Security Provider, SecureAge Technology, Launches in the US; Opens D.C. Area Headquarters

Data security and encryption solution company used by Singapore government and military brings enterprise-class data protection technology to the US market

SecureAge Technology, a provider of encryption security and AI-powered anti-malware technology, has today announced its launch in the United States. SecureAge’s solutions provide enterprise and consumers with comprehensive, end-to-end, file-level encryption tools for data at rest and in motion. The company’s US headquarters is based in the greater Washington D.C. area and will be geared toward expanding SecureAge’s stateside business development and sales operations.

“The US is the logical next step in SecureAge’s growth and is a key market for our company’s unique encryption and anti-malware solutions,” said Dr. Teow-Hin Ngair, Founder and CEO, SecureAge. “At SecureAge, we’re constantly looking to deliver solutions that empower businesses and end users alike to ensure the safety of their data no matter where it’s created, stored, or distributed.”

In 2018, the United States was determined to be a global leader in recorded data breaches, with the average breach costing companies $7.9M -- making reliable security solutions table-stakes for companies trying to protect themselves and their data. Enter SecureAge.

The company’s enterprise encryption solution, SecureData, provides transparent and automatic file and folder data encryption of individual files at their inception and without user deliberation, action, or disruption. SecureData-enabled files are protected by encryption using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that keeps data safe whether it’s leaked, lost, or stolen. SecureData also comes outfitted with integrated application whitelisting and application binding features that combat viruses, malware, zero-day attacks or Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) that would lead to data breaches in the first place.

“SecureData’s ability to protect information at rest or in-motion has been consistently proven through our tireless collaboration with the government and military of Singapore, as well as with government offices in Tokyo and Hong Kong, which depend on our technology to prevent the compromise of sensitive, top secret data by outside intruders or malicious insiders,” added Dr. Ngair.

SecureAge is also making its cloud-based anti-malware solution, SecureAPlus, available to US businesses and consumers. SecureAPlus has been engineered to protect data from digital threats, such as ransomware or viruses, using APEX (currently in-beta), the company’s homegrown AI engine, which provides next-generation endpoint detection, alongside other SecureAPlus features, such as Application Control, Application Whitelisting, multi-cloud anti-virus, fileless attack protection and more. To deal with advanced threats like zero-day malware, APEX goes beyond traditional scanners by using machine learning to identify unseen and mutated malware types and variants from day one of their release.

“The problem with traditional antivirus solutions is that they rely on a prearranged blacklist of currently known malware types to protect users, and therefore fail in catching unknown viruses until a user’s system has already been compromised. However, SecureAPlus’s ability to couple sophisticated detection AI to inform application whitelisting behaviors gives users a proactive solution that renders malware and ransomware unable to run on any given endpoint,” said Ngair.

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About SecureAge Technology:

Placing real security and usability on equal footing, SecureAge Technology is a data security company headquartered in Singapore and historically known for protecting government and enterprise data from the most advanced and persistent cyber threats. The user-centric and simple solutions arising from the SecureAge philosophy offer clarity and calm within the most complex security environments. SecureAge’s patented technologies provide total data protection, leveraging advanced encryption techniques designed to provide the world's highest level of data security for everyone.