This year, let’s protect your Data

This year, let’s protect your Data

As businesses of every kind race to launch new initiatives, speak to new audiences, and redefine themselves through innovation, one common and complex threat remains: Data security. Fortunately, protecting your Data is what we do best. 

We’re shaking up the cybersecurity industry with a simple, effective, and compliant range of endpoint security solutions that protect Data at its core, make 100% malware protection possible, and yet, don’t force your teams to become cybersecurity experts. 

To us, it shouldn’t matter if you’re a fintech startup in Dubai, a multinational financial institute in London, or a family owned business in Africa, the lifeblood of business, Data, needs to be secured, and that’s what we do best. 

We’re protecting the industries that are

keeping the world running

If our endpoint security software can achieve a 19-year history of ZERO plain Data breaches and malware incidents for the finance, education, and government sectors, it can do the same for your industry.

Banking & Finance
The modern-day bank heist is Data theft and it’s happening at an alarming rate. As the organisational evolution has created a complicated IT patchwork, managing complex infrastructure in the financial sector has become nothing short of a whack-a-mole approach. Identifying sensitive Data through classification and discovery is simply ineffective and the financial sector needs to inherently protect Data so that thieves are out of a job.

The education sector is a melting pot of personal Data and existing firewalls and anti-virus solutions simply aren’t strong enough. Not only is avoiding malware and Data theft a top priority, but ease of use is make or break as there’s more students, with more devices, and in more locations than ever. This isn’t easy in an industry with limited resources and that’s why we developed a malware protection program providing 100% protection.

Data protection is a complex web of chaos as governments have been dependent on ineffective, costly and time consuming encryption software that does not protect Data at its core. As Data is generated at faster speeds, and nation-state actors are on the rise, there’s simply NO room for mistakes in the public sector. Our government clients know ALL Data is sensitive and we’ve been helping them keep it safe for 19 years.

Endpoint software solutions that work

Powered by our SecureData technology, our plug-and-play endpoint solutions are upping the ante against traditional encryption products and anti-virus solutions.

The SecureAge Security Suite
The SecureAge Security Suite is designed to protect enterprise Data through asymmetric encryption - a failsafe PKI-based technology that protects ALL of your Data, ALL of the time and doesn’t require any additional infrastructure.
CatchPulse is a customisable and intuitive application control that uses an AI-powered engine to protect enterprise endpoints and home users against multiple attack vectors whether it be known or unknown, file or file-less, internal or external.

When the cloud isn’t right for you...
Enterprise hardware and network security

Get remote access to corporate networks, the ability to securely move between secured and unsecured networks, and easy creation, distribution, and management of keys.

SecureAge SSL VPN
For safe connections, our SSL VPN allows users to remotely access corporate networks and resources, wherever and whenever.
SecureAge Netguard
Prevent sniffers and man-in-the-middle attacks across incoming and outgoing networks with SecureAge Netguard.
SecureAge Data Diode System
For securely bridging air-gapped networks and transferring files securely our Data Diode System offers three core features.
Hardware Security Modules
An additional hardware option from our partners at Utimaco for authentication, generation, and management of encryption keys.
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See our enterprise security software in action

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