Data security for educators - today’s state of play

We’re giving the world’s leading education institutes complete security with our Malware Protection Program

Firewalls and anti-virus solutions aren’t strong enough

No matter how strong the backup and recovery plans are, it’s simply too late. Educational institutes have been lulled into a false sense of security by a range of reactive solutions that only respond to threats that have already happened. The industry needs better protection from unknown threats and access to security tools that provide data protection at the file-level.

Ease of use is make or break

The rise in remote learning has changed everything and cybersecurity is in a state of mass chaos. Today there’s more students, with more devices, in more locations, and it’s hard for educational institutes to tell whether you’re helping or hurting with patch solutions. To get a handle on it, the sector needs file-level data protection, and intuitive application control.

Existing security solutions don’t work

While it seems that there’s a range of security technology options in the educational sector, most do not protect 100% of your data in all three states, and they do not proactively detect 100% of malware threats - the unknown is ignored. That’s why we designed our security solutions differently AND pioneered a discounted Malware Protection Program for the education sector.

Proven and economic security solutions
for every type of educational institute

SecureAge Security Suite
The SecureAge Security Suite
The SecureAge Security Suite protects 100% of data without requiring additional infrastructure. The PKI-based encryption technology operates at the file-level so your data is protected wherever it goes and regular workflows aren’t interrupted.
CatchPulse is a customisable and intuitive application control that makes device security easy. It uses an AI-powered engine to proactively detect multiple attack vectors including known and unknown threats, and file or file-less malware.

100% Data security and application control

made possible for the education sector

The SecureAge Security Suite and CatchPulse are powered by our SecureData technology which allows the educational sector to tick all four boxes - virus protection, usability, data security and compliance

Complies with data privacy laws

To evolve the learning experience, institutes are collecting more and more data but at the same time, new data protection laws pose challenges. 

As stricter data privacy laws  have been put in place to protect the privacy of students, governments now expect educational institutes to have comprehensive cybersecurity and data protection measures in place. Since our endpoint protection softwares operates at the file-level it ensures compliance as a natural output.

Gives proactive anti-virus protection

Reminding teachers and students to update their anti-virus software on their own devices and perform regular software patches is no easy feat. 

As a result, educational institutes run the risk of exposing themselves to ransomware. CatchPulse helps with proactive allow-listing and binding of data so that only authorised people can access it, and unknown threats are denied by default. Traditional anti-malware systems only represent passive protection of known malware, which is too late.

Eliminate the human-element gaps of cybersecurity training

Educational institutes are among the biggest users of Microsoft’s remote desktop protocol which connects computers online. 

The problem however is misconfiguration is common, passwords are weak and as a result, RDP attacks are rising. CatchPulse prevents both known and unknown threats from getting access to your network via student devices, and with The SecureAge Security Suite, all confidential files are protected at the file-level.

Data protection in all three states

The educational sector is a melting pot of data including birth certificates, social security numbers, and intellectual property. 

Protecting that data is what we do best. Our endpoint protection software protects ALL files, every place, and every time. Alternative solutions only protect some of the data some of the time (at-rest), focus on compliance in isolation, or add complexity that introduces risk. We protect files at-rest, in-transit, and in-use.

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Just because you can’t control your endpoints,
doesn’t mean you can’t minimise the threats.

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