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Cybersecurity training misses the human-element

It was never going to be a foolproof solution, and yet, exorbitant amounts of time and money are spent. The reality is when security solutions are not natural to use, employees put them in the ‘too-hard basket’ and create their own (non-secure) methods to work quicker. That’s why our file encryption takes place silently in the background - just like your wifi - so your employees can work as they wish without any disruption to their regular workflows.

It doesn’t matter where your endpoints are, they still need protection

Amid lockdowns, downsizing, and remote working, businesses are in a state of flux, and so is the cybersecurity threat landscape. The unspoken truth is many endpoint protection solutions were not built in a way that they can protect enterprises from the unknown. Our security solutions on the other hand, were designed in a way that they can protect enterprises against multiple attack vectors including, known and unknown, file or file-less.

Stop playing whack-a-mole and start getting
100% protection against inside and outside threats

Internal cybersecurity threats

Internal cybersecurity threats

75% of Data leaks are from internal employees

When it comes to protecting your Data internally there are two battles. One is trying to prevent human error. The other is minimising risks from privileged users. What makes our enterprise security software different is that rather than trying to account for the human element, or change it, our encryption technology removes the human element entirely.

With our PKI-based file-level encryption, your employees can work just as they need, without worrying about inconvenient and time-consuming workarounds. And there’s no risk of another Edward Snowden because only the owner of the file possesses the encryption keys.

External cybersecurity threats

Only 4% of Data breaches are due to physical theft such as lost laptops or storage devices

If you turn to the new headlines it’s obvious that the threat landscape is increasing. More and more professional hackers, and even state sponsored groups, are attempting to steal and manipulate Data.

But, with our security solutions, it doesn’t matter if you are seeking protection from Data-breaching malware, network back-doors or hackers searching your network. The SecureAge block-first approach combined with file-level encryption which makes stolen data useless, you can rest assured that your organisation is protected.

External cybersecurity threats

End-to-end security solutions

The SecureAge Security Suite
The SecureAge Security Suite is designed to protect enterprise Data through asymmetric encryption - a failsafe PKI-based technology that protects ALL of your Data, ALL of the time and doesn’t require any additional infrastructure.
CatchPulse is a customisable application control solution that uses an AI-powered engine to protect enterprise endpoints against multiple attack vectors whether it be known or unknown, file or file-less, internal or external.
Hardware Security Module
An additional hardware option for authentication, generation and management of encryption keys.

100% Data security and application

control with SecureData and CatchPulse

The SecureAge Security Suite and CatchPulse are powered by our SecureData technology which allows enterprises to tick all four boxes - malware protection, usability, Data security and compliance.

Complies with all Data privacy laws

The global shift towards Data protection laws signifies the threat that new technologies pose - more than 80 countries have now created Data privacy laws and our endpoint software checks all their boxes. 

In the EU, the introduction of GDPR in 2018 was the region's first extensive legal provisions designed to protect personal Data. In the US, the onus is on the states, some of which have passed their own Data-related laws such as CCPA.

Gives proactive anti-virus protection

When protecting your network, endpoints represent your company's frontline of defense. CatchPulse serves to protect by enabling proactive allow-listing, binding of Data for authorised people, and a deny-by-default approach to unknown threats. 

Traditional anti-virus systems represent passive protection, which is too late. They only focus on known malware and attempt to stop malicious processes that are already active.

Cybersecurity skill upgrading not required

Anything that requires training programs, or worse a manual, isn’t going to be easy. That’s why CatchPulse uses an AI-powered engine with a block-first approach, and the SecureAge Security Suite secures files at the most basic, self-contained unit: the file-level. 

We know if the Data security and anti-virus solution is not natural, your employees will create their own (non-secure) methods, that’s why we took away the human element.

100% Data protection - every file, every place, every time

We believe there’s no such thing as sensitive Data, or mission-critical Data - ALL your business Data is valuable and it needs protection in all three Data states - in-use-, in-transit, and in-storage. To us, it’s either 100% or %0 - there’s nothing in between.

Alternative encryption solutions only protect some of your Data some of the time (at-rest), focus on compliance in isolation, or add complexity that introduces risk. 

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