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It shouldn’t matter if you’re an SME in Singapore, a startup in Hong Kong, a family owned business in Africa, or a multinational company in London, the lifeblood of any business, Data, should be secured, and your endpoints should be protected. As small businesses race to digitally upgrade, launch new initiatives, speak to new audiences, and differentiate themselves, it can all be over very quickly if you encounter Data theft or a ransomware attack.

More infrastructure, more worries

There’s a misconception among small businesses that effective cybersecurity solutions require a high financial investment in new infrastructure - but this doesn’t have to be the case. The scariest part about this is it forces more and more small businesses to neglect proven security software. It’s ironic because as the media spotlight shines on multinational firms, it’s the small businesses who are facing the most increasing number of security threats.

Proven protection without spending a fortune

The well-known, and yet news-present security software that small businesses depend on either relies on humans for manual updating, or restricts your team's workflow. As a result, the cybersecurity best-practices get put in the too-hard-basket. The best security solutions for small businesses are the ones your employees don’t even notice as they operate silently in the background, protect your Data wherever it goes, and place security and usability on equal footing.

A Data breach can be deadly for a small business

Data loss happens to SMEs much more often than most business owners like to think. In fact, low Data security awareness among SMEs constitutes a market failure as the most in need of accurate information shouldn’t be the least informed. Despite the increasing number of studies that show Data breaches are increasing among small businesses, 66% of small businesses still think they won’t fall victim to a cyberattack. 

The scariest part is that a study by IBM and Ponemon Institute in 2019 shows it takes an average of nine months for a small business to discover a Data breach. That aside, the most pressing issue however is that even if an SME does detect a cyberattack, they typically don’t have the resources or security software in place to either stop the attack, or remediate it. 

There needs to be a better way.

Proven and economic security solutions
for every type of small business

Our plug-and play endpoint solutions are upping the ante against traditional encryption products and anti-virus solutions evidenced by a 19-year history with ZERO plain Data breaches or malware attacks.

SecureAge Security Suite
The SecureAge Security Suite
Without the need for additional infrastructure, the SecureAge Security Suite protects all of your files through asymmetric encryption - a failsafe PKI-based technology that protects ALL of your Data, ALL of the time.
CatchPulse is a customisable and intuitive application control that uses an AI-powered engine to protect your devices against multiple attack vectors whether it be known or unknown, file or file-less, internal or external.

100% Data security and application

control with SecureData and CatchPulse

The SecureAge Security Suite and CatchPulse are powered by our SecureData technology which allows enterprises to tick all four boxes - malware protection, usability, Data security and compliance.

Complies with all Data privacy laws

The global shift towards new Data protection laws signifies the threat that new technologies pose - more than 80 countries have now created Data privacy laws. The introduction of the GDPR in the EU, and the CCPA in the US are just the beginning. 

That’s why our solution protects Data at the file-level. By focusing on Data at the file-level, instead of outdated perimeters, compliance will always be a natural output.

Gives proactive anti-virus protection

There’s no shortage of anti-virus solutions for small businesses but there is a shortage of small businesses taking advantage of intuitive application control. 

CatchPulse enables proactive allow-listing, binding of Data for authorised people, and a deny-by-default approach to unknown threats. Traditional anti-virus systems represent passive protection of known malware, which is too late.

Cybersecurity skill upgrading not required

Big companies usually have in-house teams to conduct intensive security training. A small business on the other hand barely has time for a lunch break let alone cybersecurity training.

You can save time with CatchPulse which uses an AI-powered engine and a block-first approach, and the SecureAge Security Suite which secures files at the most basic, self-contained unit: the file-level. These natural and inherent security processes are easy to use which lowers the risks of employees creating their own (non-secure) methods.

Data protection in all three states

Millions of small businesses are struggling to protect themselves because existing security solutions focus on compliance in isolation, add usage complexity that introduces risk, or only protect Data at-rest. 

Our encryption software protects ALL files, every place, every time including files at-rest, in-transit and in-use. That way, your team can focus on scaling your business with the assurance that your Data is protected and compliant.

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