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The New SecureAPlus
New ideas. New features.

A New way to scan and whitelist the files on your computer.
A Smarter way to scan your files in the cloud.



SecureData - The Next Generation anti-APT and
   anti-malware solution.

The Next Generation Application and Data Control (Patent Pending) against data leakage, APT, rootkit, zero day attack, anti-malware disabler and other general malwares.

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SecureAPlus Demo on Ransomware

SecureAPlus is not just another antivirus

SecureAge Technology is a developer of unique, innovative and military-grade enterprise data protection and secure email solutions. Our unmatched and thought-leading 3P (Proactive, Pervasive and Persistent) encryption solutions ensure your precious data remains secure - continuously - at rest, on the move, in any storage media, and even when using cloud services.

Even as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) proliferate today, we provide the ultimate protection for your data, against rootkits, zero-day attacks and malware.

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A Secure Cloud Storage Solution supports file backup, restore and sharing with Military Grade Implemented Security and Smart Versioning. Click here to find out more.

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