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Enterprise Security with Volume Encryption

SecureAge enterprise security solutions keep data safe through powerful encryption – every file, every place, every time. Done right, SecureAge encryption doesn’t interfere or intimidate.

It liberates.

Good file encryption can feel a bit like driving the open road on cruise control, leaving you free from worry about theft or accidents while enjoying both the journey and destination. And in imagining your data files as automobiles – at rest or in motion – safety and security should be inherent and an afterthought.

Enterprise Security with SecureData


The engine that powers the SecureAge enterprise security environment, SecureData enables safe navigation of the most dangerous roads day or night without fear of accident, damage, or theft, and without the hassles of traffic or other unexpected complications.

SecureData is the quiet and capable mechanic, sitting unassuming beneath your files and encrypting them all whether you’re driving them or not. And since you’re the only one with the key, nobody else can take your files for a joy ride, regardless of where you parked them.

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This elaborate courier service ensures that all messages and packages safely and securely reach their destination while the complex logistics powering the enterprise security system remain hidden from sight.

No peeking under the hood! SecureEmail provides all of the benefits and meets the standards of public key encryption-based email. Designed with a simple elegance, it keeps users out of the workshop that manages keys, certificates, and policies.

With keys linked to addresses, SecureEmail’s neat and intuitive labeling sets irrevocable security levels by which the messages are handled.

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Enterprise Security with SecureEmail

Enterprise Security with SecureFile


When transferring prized files to another driver, SecureFile acts as a single car carrier that shields them from harm from point to point. Upon receipt, the new driver can simply start it up.

SecureFile encrypts a single file using the public key of the new owner and packages it for safe delivery by whatever means: from digital media to the open Internet. And rest assured, if lost or stolen en route, only the new owner’s key can make it run.

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A private parking deck is an effective way to protect a fleet of prized vehicles from prying eyes. SecureDisk builds an encrypted volume, the size of your choosing, that grants only you the right to admire your collection.

Once parked within, nobody will know what types of rides you’ve got hidden inside. Of course, to take one of your files out for a spin, you’ll need to drive it out of the secured garage.

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Enterprise Security with SecureDisk

SecureAge Hardware for Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security with SecureAge Management Server

Security Management Server

The Security Management Server offers the high precision workshop that keeps everything on the road and running smoothly. It’s a one-stop shop for design, diagnostics, tune ups, registration, or even the issuance of keys and rules of the road.

With SecureAge a client-based suite, the Management Server doesn’t authenticate or act as a gateway. Rather, it creates, issues, and manages certificates, keys, and policies; collects log files from client machines for forensic analysis and review; and pushes updates. All of this without fear of being overcharged by the mechanic!

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SSL VPN for Enterprise

Sometimes you just want the roads to yourself. A safe driveway far from the crowds, SecureAge VPN provides just that: uniquely isolated stretches of road over which your data travels safely and in style.

Without too much tinkering, the peak performance hardware can run over either SSL or IPSec. Combining Secure VPN with the SecureAge Security Suite offers an entirely impregnable and unpolluted transportation system.

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Enterprise Security with VPN

Enterprise Security with Data Diode System

SecureAge Data Diode System

When getting there is all that matters, a divided highway or one-way street can’t be beat. The SecureAge Data Diode ensures that traffic flows only in the direction you specify, pushing data cleanly between open and closed networks.

You’ll safely cruise within a sleek appliance and its smart software suite, comprised of the File Transfer System (FTS), Information Broker (IB), and Universal AV (UAV).

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Personal Security Solutions

Personal and Enterprise Security with


Where SecureData ensures that no one can damage or steal your vehicle (your data), SecureAPlus is the anti-virus car alarm that ensures no one can even snoop around it. Just stay away from the car.

SecureAPlus is application whitelisting complemented by 10+ cloud-based anti-virus engines to stop anything – viruses, malware, ransomware – from invading your system.

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From portable personal devices to massive enterprise workstations,
there’s a SecureAge solution that’s right for you. It really can be this simple.

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