SecureAge SSL VPN named a representative vendor by Gartner in the
2020 Market Guide for Virtual Private Networks
Reliable remote access to corporate networks

Reliable remote access to corporate networks

SecureAge SSL VPN is a reliable, easily deployed security solution that allows employees to remotely access corporate networks and resources using well-established SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. An IPSec option which uses cryptographic security also exists to allow devices on either end of the connection to operate as they normally would.


The SecureAge SSL VPN advantage

Performance, accessibility and efficiency

Supported by enterprise VPN Protocols, including a single SSL tunnel and IPSec VPN integration, fewer server resources are consumed for connections to common business applications. Users only require one-time authentication for secure and efficient access to authorised applications.

Secured digital certificate authentication
Multiple authentication options for digital certificates can be supported, including passwords, smart cards, and USB tokens. It also handles two-factor authentication options, such as a one-time password which can be customised to meet individual preferences and needs.
Advanced PKI-based Data encryption
All Data is encrypted over the internet, regardless of its point of origin, until it reaches the internal server at its ultimate destination. This ensures Data confidentiality and protection against various types of threats including network sniffers and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Benefits of enterprise SSL VPN remote access

Clientless secure remote access
Supports all standard applications including those with streaming functions and no additional installation is required
Fine-grained access control
Flexible access controls for different users and roles, and client environments with role-based access controls and access mapping
Effective key management
The cryptographic keys are supported by TLS 1.2, DTLS 1.2, 256-bit AES, ECC, and unlimited key length RSA
State-of-the-art SSL engine
Incorporates a customised SSL engine with proprietary PKI-based encryption algorithms for end-to-end Data protection
Authentication via certificates
Supports certificate-based authentication and certificate validity checking to identify a user, machine, or device before granting access
Built-in two-factor authentication
An extra layer of security is possible as it is interoperable with mobile phones which can act as 2FA authentication devices
Supports external authentication
Supports external LDAP, Radius, and Microsoft AD for customised user grouping and advanced user authentication
Built-in failover features
High availability is possible as lost sessions are automatically re-started by secondary appliances in case of primary failure
Network redundancy support
Offers support for secondary networks with continuous access to corporate resources when the main network is down
Data redundancy
Better Data storage performance with RAID 1, which provides automatic, real-time mirroring
Industrial strength security appliance
A high performance solution that supports external PKI / CA for authentication and certificate validity checking
Close cloud network gaps
A secure proxy that covers network security of cloud-based applications, multiple cloud Data centres, and a geographically dispersed workforce.
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Remote access can be complicated
Simplify it with our enterprise SSL VPN solution

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