The essential

cybersecurity checklist

Singapore’s CSA updated their required integrated cybersecurity measures and appointed SecureAge Technology to lead the way and cover 6 defined Essentials.

  • Essential 1: Know your assets
  • Essential 2: Allow only authorized software to work
  • Essential 3: Timely Patching and updating
  • Essential 4: Giving the right admin ‘passes’
  • Essential 5: Detect breaches promptly
  • Essential 6: Access control

Our commitment to cybersecurity research and development

Although we’ve created two unique and proven approaches to Data security and endpoint protection, we’re never satisfied and strive for positive change in the cybersecurity industry; it’s in our roots as a research lab. While our “secure the Data” approach continues to protect our customers and weather the trends and fads, we’re always eager to work with others to stress-test our philosophy. What can we do together?
wave wave wave wave wave

Plug your security gaps

SecureAge solutions don’t interfere with existing applications and systems. Explore how we can work with others you know and trust to fulfill your requirements in your unique environment.

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