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The growth of online services has forced Data encryption to morph into a complex web of chaos. For too long, governments have been dependent on ineffective, costly, and time consuming manual software to prevent Data breaches, and the alternative of moving Data to the public cloud has resulted in less control and visibility. 

That’s why we rebuilt our encryption technology from the beginning to make Data security an inherent property of Data and invisible from those who use it every day.


SecureAge Security Suite

100% encryption

for governments

The SecureAge Security Suite is upping the ante on traditional encryption solutions evidenced by a history of ZERO Data breaches for governments across APAC. This first-of-its-kind solution protects ALL Data whether its in-transit, in-use, or at-rest.

SecureAge Security Suite presents a unique and compliant solution for governments who are being targeted by external hackers, privileged misuse, and state-sponsored threats. Paired with our range of hardware solutions for on-premise authentication, generation, and management of encryption keys, the SecureAge Security Suite will allow you to rapidly deploy nation-wide initiatives knowing public confidential Data is secured.

Hardware security solutions for
an added layer of protection

SecureAge SSL VPN
For safe remote connections wherever, whenever.
SecureAge Netguard
Prevent attacks with point-to-point network security.
SecureAge DataDiode System
Securely bridge air-gapped networks and safely transfer files.
Hardware Security Modules
For authentication, generation and management of encryption keys.

100% Data security and application control

made possible by SecureData

The SecureAge Security Suite and SecureAPlus are powered by our SecureData technology which allows governments to tick all four boxes - Data protection, usability, malware protection, and compliance.

Data protection in all three states

Many public sector agencies are trying to minimise the amount of Data they need to collect and retain keeping it to the absolute necessary. But, making sure the Data that is collected is properly safeguarded is still important. 

Our endpoint protection software protects ALL files, every place, and every time. That includes files at-rest, in-transit and in-use. Alternative solutions only protect some of the Data some of the time (at-rest).

Cybersecurity skill upgrading not required

While many governments are committed to building strong cybersecurity cultures, security awareness training isn’t as easy as it sounds. With SecureAge Security Suite, we protect ALL files with PKI-based encryption at the file-level. 

That way, there’s no disruption or changes to the way anyone works. The process of decrypting and encrypting happens behind the scenes and no one has to decide what to encrypt - ALL Data is protected.

Gives proactive malware protection

As governments offer more and more services digitally, the risk of malware only increases. If these systems are paralysed by a malware attack, chaos ensues. 

With SecureAPlus you can race to launch new public initiatives as it enables proactive allow-listing, Data binding for authorised people, and unknown threats are denied by default. Alternative solutions only provide passive protection of known malware, which is too late.

Complies with all Data protection regulations

More than 80 countries have now created Data privacy laws. In the EU, the introduction of GDPR in 2018 was the region's first extensive legal provisions designed to protect personal Data. In the US, the onus is on the states, some of which have passed their own data-related laws such as CCPA. 

The global shift towards Data protection laws signifies the threat that new technologies pose, and our endpoint software solutions check all the compliance boxes.

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