Data Diode System

Data Diode System for Enterprise Closed Networks

Securely Bridge Air-Gapped Networks

Air-Gapped Security Networks are a popular option for organizations that want strict separation between secure and insecure networks and devices.

The challenge is to safely move data between these open (insecure) networks and closed (secure) networks.
The SecureAge Data Diode System is up to the task.

Unsecure Network

Secure Network

File Transfer System (FTS)

Ensures file security when moving between open and closed networks.

Usability is front and center with single sign-on or dedicated authentication to a file upload console for the source PC and a download URL for the receiving PC.

Information Broker (IB)

Supports larger deployments across multiple closed networks and allows dedicated applications like ERP and HR software to communicate with closed networks without dedicated connections.

Smart interactions with Data-Diode devices allow for troubleshooting and secure integration across the security environment.

Universal Anti-Virus (UAV)

The multiple virus engines in the SecureAge Universal Anti-Virus monitor the entire open and closed environment for viruses and malware.

Features at a Glance

Dual Diode Transmit


Enables High Availability for Data Diode appliance

Data Retransmission


Increase reliability of file transfers through Data Diode appliance



Ensures confidentiality of files at rest and in motion via encryption



Supports DOD 3-Pass/7-Pass & Peter Gutmann algorithm

Content Disarm & Reconstruction


Removal of harmful elements of infected files while retaining usability

Log Management


Authorized users can access pertinent file transfer logs for investigation

Upload/Download History Report


Users get complete information on the status of file transfers

Web Console User Interface


Comprehensive certificate, CRL and OCSP support

Data Diode System Basic Architecture

  • User on Unsecure Network opens the FTS Console to upload files to be sent and picks a destination network.

  • Universal AV scans uploaded files for threats. All file contents are disarmed and reconstructed by the Disarm and Reconstruction Server. Clean files are then sent to the Information Broker (IB).

  • The IB checks file content. Files are then encrypted and transferred to the outgoing file server.

  • The FTS Sender server sends the file over to the secure network via the Data Diode

  • The IB checks the Incoming Diode Proxy, decrypts the file and sends it to the FTS server for storage in the Download Folder.

  • The FTS Receiver server sends a download URL to the receiving PC via secure mail server.

  • After initial download, the sent file remains downloadable during a set interval. A one-way acknowledge message is sent back to the sending FTS server.

  • On interval expiry, the file is no longer accessible by the recipient and is moved from the Download Folder to the Archive Folder on the FTS server.

Data Diode System High Availability Architecture

Support for High Availability Architecture to provide optimal performance at times of high volume file transfers.

File Transfer System

Universal AV

Information Broker

Diode Proxy

SecureAge Management Server:
Access & Control

SecureAge Management Server provides central management of SecureAge software. An enterprise-wide software update can be an extremely challenging task for system administrators. Updating each and every single computer manually within a huge organization requires significant amount of time and effort.

SecureAge Management Server allows for blissful deployment of software updates from the server to any connected computer. Once a new software package is uploaded to the SecureAge Management Server, it will intelligently detect the user’s software version and perform the necessary software update on the user’s computer.

System administrators also get the flexibility to choose only a certain groups of users to receive the software update.

Access Rights

User Manager


Super Admin


View Logs

All users Upload/Download

User Management

System Settings

Key & Cipher Management

Download File Upload/Download History

One Simple Solution

Software + Hardware

The SecureAge Data Diode System provides a complete solution that encompasses both hardware and software.

The File-Transfer System, Information Broker, and Universal AV form a complete security ecosystem optimized for Data-Diode hardware.

Software Only

The SecureAge Data Diode System also supports Data-Diode devices from a wide range of hardware providers.

The File Transfer System, Information Broker, and Universal AV environment can easily work on any Diode-Proxy configuration.

SecureAge Data Diode System
Summary of Benefits

Convenient Access


Includes support for Single Sign-On Authentication and Microsoft Active Directory (AD) that allow users to readily access secure file transfers

Protected Every Step of the Way


The SecureAge Data Diode System provides end-to-end encryption of your data at rest with full network encryption and the ability to wipe residue data

Power in Visibility


Get clear reports as to what, where, and when files are transferred over and between closed networks. Users have access to reports to confirm data delivery results

Hardware and Software Harmony


The SecureAge Data Diode System provides a turnkey solution for air gap networks that consists of a readily available setup of Data Diode device and file transfer system

Just as Flexible for Industry Standard Hardware


The powerful SecureAge Data Diode System works with all Data Diode appliances available in the market

Tighter Security where Less is Actually More


Get the most out of your Data Diode devices by greatly reducing the number needed to operate multiple air gap networks in your organization

Proven Technology & Trusted Support


Get trusted technology that has been deployed for more than a decade with a team of expert security engineers

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