Secure Enterprise VPN

Enterprise VPN for Secure Networks

Safe Connections Wherever, Whenever

The office is wherever your people are. The SecureAge SSL VPN is optimized for the SecureAge environment and enables secure remote access to your network from any endpoint device, including laptops, PDAs, and smartphones.

Enterprise VPN Wherever Whenever

Supported Enterprise VPN Protocols



Secure SSL VPN Appliance for Enterprise

SecureAge SV3000 SSL VPN is an easy to deploy remote access tool leveraging SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology for enterprise VPN deployment.

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Key Enterprise SSL VPN Features at a Glance

Clientless Secure Remote Access

Enterprise VPN Remote Access

Support for all standard
applications including those with
streaming functions

Fine Grained Access Control

Enterprise VPN Access Control

Highly flexible access controls for
different users and roles, session
times, client environments, and more

State-of-the-Art Security Solution

Enterprise VPN State-of-the-Art Security Solution

Supports TLS 1.2, DTLS 1.2, 256-bit
AES, ECC, and unlimited key length RSA

User Defined Encryption Algorithms

Enterprise VPN User Defined Encryption Algorithms

Boost security strength by
incorporating customized SSL engine
with custom, proprietary encryption

Authentication via Certificates

Enterprise VPN Authentication via Certificates

Supports certificate-based
authentication and certificate validity

Built-In 2-Factor Authentication

Enterprise VPN Built-In 2-Factor Authentication

Interoperable with mobile phones as
authentication devices

No Installation Required

Enterprise VPN No Installation Required

Runs via a thin client for quick
deployments without specialized
installation and configuration

Role Management

Enterprise VPN Role Management

Provides role-based access control
rules such as user role, application role
and user & application role access

Supports External Authentication

Enterprise VPN Supports External Authentication

Supports external LDAP, Radius, and
Microsoft AD for user grouping and
user authentication

Built-in High Availability (HA) and
Failover Features

Enterprise VPN Built-in High Availability (HA) andFailover Features

Lost sessions are automatically
re-established by the secondary
appliance in case of primary failure

Network Redundancy Support

Enterprise VPN Network Redundancy Support

Offers support for secondary networks
available for continuous access to
corporate resources when main
network is down

Data Redundancy

Enterprise VPN Data Redundancy

Better data storage performance with
RAID 1, which provides automatic,
real-time mirroring

Industrial Strength Security Appliance

Enterprise VPN Industrial Strength Security Appliance

Hardened OS, protecting against buffer
overflow attacks and more, running on
industry standard 1-U sized appliance

High Performance

Enterprise VPN High Performance

Supports more than 10,000 concurrent
users and 1GBps throughput rate

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