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Internal cybersecurity threats

Internal cybersecurity threats

75% of Data leaks are from internal employees

When it comes to protecting your Data internally there are two battles. One is trying to prevent human error, the other is minimising risks from privileged users.

What makes us different is that rather than trying to account for the human element, or change it, our encryption technology removes the human element entirely. With PKI-based encryption, employees can work just as they need, without worrying about inconvenient and time-consuming workarounds, and there’s no risk of another Edward Snowden because only the owner of the file possesses the encryption keys.

External cybersecurity threats

There were 109 million new malware variants in 2020

A review of the increasing threat landscape via news headlines shows that more professional hackers, and even state sponsored groups, are attempting to spy, manipulate systems, and access Data.

With our technology, it doesn’t matter if you are seeking protection from a file-less attack, a script-based strike, zero-day exploits, advanced persistent threats, or even ransomware. Our intuitive application control takes a block-first approach to stop any type of malware from executing and causing irreparable damage.

External cybersecurity threats

Cybersecurity sounds complicated,
but it doesn’t have to be

The reality is, Data is the business of every business and unfortunately, missteps in the early days of computing caused cybersecurity to morph into a complex web of chaos. That’s why our security philosophy rebuilds from the beginning.

Our technology removes human error, reduces costly cybersecurity training, and overcomes the limitations of dated perimeters. As with most things in life, the simplest solution is more often the best solution, and that’s why we designed our security software to fill this gap. Inherent, invisible and instinctive cybersecurity - it should have always been this way.

Cybersecurity sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be

Cybersecurity solutions for every industry

Banking & Finance

Solving challenges for financial companies

Data in the financial sector is becoming increasingly vulnerable. Our Data and endpoint solutions fill the security gaps across every financial domain while satisfying all FSI regulations AND maintaining user experiences.


Supporting an under-resourced education sector

Educational institutes are a melting pot of personal Data, but protecting it isn’t easy in an industry that is understaffed and resourced. The sector has been lulled into a false sense of security by reactive solutions.


Simplifying security for the public sector

The growth of cloud and online services has seen Data encryption transform into a tangled knot of mayhem. We’re fixing this for governments by removing the human element, and overcoming the challenges of outdated perimeters.
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See what inherent, invisible, and instinctive
Data security can do for you

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