What is ‘sensitive’ Data anyway?

Data discovery and classification

A recent study says the number one challenge enterprises face when protecting Data is ‘discovering where sensitive Data resides’. Really!? With the rapid increase of unstructured Data and the move to remote work, it’s impossible to determine what is ‘sensitive’ today, much less what will be ‘sensitive’ tomorrow.

We think ALL Data matters and Data protection is either 100% or 0%. Rather than playing roulette with your Data, or burdening your teams with needless cybersecurity checks, our security solutions were designed in a way that makes 100% Data security possible: every file, every place, every time.

Come, take a look at how we do it.

Cybersecurity sounds complicated,
but it doesn’t have to be

The reality is, Data is the business of every business and unfortunately, missteps in the early days of computing caused cybersecurity to morph into a complex web of chaos. That’s why our security philosophy rebuilds from the beginning.

Our technology removes human error, reduces costly cybersecurity training, and overcomes the limitations of dated perimeters. That’s why we designed a simple to use security software to fill this much-needed gap. Inherent, invisible and instinctive cybersecurity - it should have always been this way.

Cybersecurity sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be

Cybersecurity solutions for every industry

Banking & Finance

Filling critical gaps

The modern day bank heist is Data theft, and it’s happening at an alarming rate. As the organisational evolution has created a complicated IT patchwork, managing complex infrastructure in the finance sector has become nothing short of a whack-a-mole approach.


From reactive to proactive

The education sector is a melting pot of personal Data and existing firewalls and antivirus solutions simply aren’t strong enough. Overcoming this is a top priority and ease of use is make-or-break as there’s more students, with more devices, and in more locations than ever.


Simplifying the complexity

Data protection is a complex web of chaos as governments have been dependent on ineffective, costly, and time consuming encryption software that doesn’t protect Data at its core. As Data is generated at faster speeds, and nation-state actors are on the rise, there’s NO room for mistakes.
wave wave wave

See what inherent, invisible, and instinctive
Data security can do for you

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