About Us

Placing real security and usability on equal footing, SecureAge Technology is a data security company headquartered in Singapore.

Our history is one of protecting government and enterprise data from the most advanced and persistent cyber threats. The user-centric and simple solutions arising from the SecureAge philosophy offer clarity and calm within the most complex security environments.

Our patented technologies provide total data protection, leveraging advanced encryption techniques. To make that possible, our team brings unparalleled expertise, ingenuity, and passion to data security.

Today, we continue to develop innovative solutions as we aspire to provide the world’s highest level of data security to everyone.

Our Vision

To make security an inherent property of data while empowering individuals and organizations to comprehend and control their own security environments.

Our Approach

Maintain and expand our unique approach to data security (Every File, Every Place, Every Time) through proprietary technology.

Craft new ideas based on our extensive experience in government and enterprise data security to offer the same benefits to individuals.

Continue to span the globe with simple security through sales and technology partnerships aligned with our core principles and beliefs.

Our History

SecureAge Technology was founded by Teow-Hin Ngair, Ph.D., a Singapore national and graduate of Cambridge University, the National University of Singapore, and the University of Pennsylvania. His personal interests, as well as his background in computer science and mathematics, led him to security while he was working for the Singaporean Government’s Kent Ridge Digital Labs.

Thereafter he took his most spirited ideas to found a company called Transparity. The tech sector collapse of 2000, however, compromised the funding ability of its Taiwan-based investors, and the company ceased operations while still in its product development phase.

Fortunately, Dr. Ngair maintained the IP and, through his own resources, relaunched as SecureAge Technology Pte Ltd in 2003. Products including SSL VPN, which remains among current hardware offerings, have been available since its beginnings. But SecureAge found its strength and stride in transparent data security software. It has since become the de facto supplier of data encryption solutions for select government and large enterprise clients.

Since 2003, SecureAge has been developing and refining PKI-based data security products and, in so doing, has gained expertise in securing large and distributed classified and unclassified networks. More importantly, SecureAge has made PKI easy, pioneering products that are transparent to the user and easy to deploy throughout large installations.

Always making security and usability of equal and paramount importance, SecureAge data security solutions give organizations complete control and visibility of data movement within their networks, but without disrupting day-to-day operations or user workflow.

By 2013, nearly 10 years since establishing the company, SecureAge Technology developed a powerful application whitelisting solution for enterprise that was intuitive enough to be released to be used by home users. This was finally realized in 2014 when SecureAPlus came out of beta testing and made available for download on the web in 2014.

Today, SecureAge Technology is a world-class IT security software company with innovative and forward-looking solutions that address the extensive needs of enterprise customers with the sensibilities and convenience that appeal to consumers around the world.


  • 2003

    SecureAge Technology is established with SecureData

  • 2004

    SecureEmail deployed to 5,000 initial users

  • 2005 - 2006

    Secure Ds is introduced

  • 2007

    Data Diode solutions rolled out for closed networks

  • 2008 - 2009

    LockCube, an encrypted cloud storage solution, launched

  • 2010 - 2013

    Application Whitelisting developed for enterprise

  • 2014 - 2015

    SecureAPlus released with Cloud Anti-Virus for consumers

  • 2016

    SecureAPlus launched in Japan and Poland

Our Certification


SecureAge Technology has received ISO 27001: 2013 certification from SOCOTEC Certification International, for the information management system covering its data security activities in its Singapore office.

The certification ensures that our Singapore headquarters is equipped with an ISO 27001 compliant information security management system with a comprehensive suite of controls to ensure that all data is secure within our premises.

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